Google Drive

Discover the freedom of accessing your Google Drive files directly from ERP Plus.

No more switching between applications or dealing with cumbersome downloads.

With this integration, your Google Drive documents, files, and folders are at your fingertips, effortlessly accessible within the our interface.

Edit and view a wide range of file types – from Word documents to Excel spreadsheets, text files, and images – using the Google File Viewer/Editor, all without the need to save files locally.

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Seamless Google Drive Integration

Experience a new era of efficiency and collaboration with our cutting-edge integration.

List View

This feature presents your Google Drive files and images in a sleek and organized list format. Navigating through your documents has never been smoother – effortlessly scroll, search, and locate the files you need, all within the familiar confines of our platform. Simplify your workflow and enhance your productivity as you access, edit, and collaborate on documents, right from the convenience of the List View.

Grid View

Introducing the Google Drive Module Grid View – a dynamic visual hub where your files and images come to life. With seamless integration between ERP Plus and Google Drive, this innovative feature showcases your documents in a stunning grid layout. Effortlessly browse through your Google Drive files and images right from within our platform, providing an immersive and intuitive experience. Say goodbye to clutter and confusion – our grid view offers clarity at a glance, allowing you to easily locate and access the files that matter most.

Assign Folders to Submodules

Unleash the full potential of collaboration and organization with our groundbreaking feature – the ability to seamlessly link Google Drive folders with submodules. With this innovative enhancement, ERP Plus empowers you to synchronize your Google Drive documents with specific submodules, ensuring that your files are precisely where you need them. Whether you're managing projects, tasks, or any other submodule, this feature lets you effortlessly integrate your essential documents, images, and files.

Settings Page

Streamline your tasks and boost productivity by seamlessly integrating Google Drive into ERP Plus. Upload your Google Drive credential JSON, choose submodules to enable, and enjoy direct access to your documents and files. Say goodbye to unnecessary app switching and cumbersome downloads – effortlessly edit and view various file types right within the our platform interface.

Integrated Module

Plug-n-Play. Choose it. It will help you!

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