Form Builder

No coding required.

  • Our Form Builder Add-On is an intuitive tool for creating personalized or business forms for websites and applications.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users to drag and drop elements like Text, Email, Date Pickers, and Numeric Inputs. 
  • Customizable to align with branding and design preferences, Form Builder generates leads from various websites. 
  • It allows for the creation and management of essential forms with diverse fields, including Text, Email, Numeric, Date, and Description fields.
  • Note: An inline frame (iframe) of a form builder performs as an external form of the product which can be attached to any of the other websites without redirecting the internal form and getting the responses to the main product. This mainly works as a third party to get more leads from various websites.

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Custom Form Builder

Create and manage various required forms with diverse form fields, like, Text, Email, Number, Date, and Description as per the business needs for leads.

What is it?

Form Tools was originally designed to provide an access and storage script for your own web forms. While the script still allows this functionality through external forms, the Form Builder expands on this functionality by allowing you to construct forms right within the Form Tools interface and publish them on your site through the click of a button.

Publishing Forms

Publishing your forms with the Form Builder is extremely easy. This page explains how to create and publish a form from scratch. We don`t go into any great detail, but hopefully it`s enough to get you started and see how the whole process works.

Integrated Module

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