Flutterwave, a pioneering payment gateway in Nigeria and Africa.

  • It empowers businesses to securely accept online payments in multiple global currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR, and various African currencies.
  • Elevate your business with seamless cross-border transactions and provide customers with a convenient, trusted, and borderless payment experience.

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Empower Transactions with Flutterwave

Simplify Payments, Amplify Business: Explore FlutterWave

Africa On The Rise!

Discover a world of simplicity and convenience with our seamless integration of FlutterWave, designed to enhance the plan purchase process for your company. Experience unparalleled ease as your company explores, selects, and procures plans from the plan section.

Fast Invoice Settlement

Welcome to a world of frictionless financial interactions. Our integrated FlutterWave solution redefines the way your clients settle invoices and manage retainers, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free payment experience. Elevate your invoicing process with FlutterWave. Clients can swiftly settle invoices with just a few clicks, while our robust security measures ensure their transactions remain safeguarded.

Full API Integrated System

Configuring FlutterWave integration has never been easier. With our intuitive API Key settings page, you can seamlessly set up and manage your FlutterWave integration to ensure a smooth and secure payment process.

Fast Payments

Unlocking boundless payment opportunities for enterprises, individuals, small businesses, emerging markets, and startups alike.

Easily receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world via our multitude of secure payment methods.

Endless payment possibilities for every Small Business.

Integrated Module

Plug-n-Play. Choose it. It will help you!

Empower Your Workforce

Access Premium Add-Ons for Accounting, HR, Payments, Leads, Communication, Management, and more. All in one place!

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  • Secure Cloud Storage
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Power your ERP experience to grow your company and overall business operations!


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Workflow Automation

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