Supported countries: Bahrain

Supported Currencies: Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

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Benefit Payment Gateway is a solution that enables merchants to process transactions through debit cards. 

Payments can be processed via websites or mobile applications. 

Start accepting payments using Benefit Payment Gateway, a fast and secure payment method in Bahrain. empowers businesses to securely accept online payments in BHD currency.

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Benefit Payment Gateway

Start accepting payments using Benefit Payment Gateway (PG), a fast and secure payment method in Bahrain.


BenefitPay is a safe and secure way to pay anytime, anywhere. We value your peace of mind – our fraud prevention processes ensure your information and payments are protected.

Easy Setup

Benefit PG supports full, partial and multiple partial refunds. Note that you need to request partial refund enablement from Benefit when you sign up with them.

Integrated Module

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